Community Redevelopment Agency of The City of Palmetto, Florida

Check out CRA Director, Ed Johnson, speak about developing Downtown Palmetto on Local Podcast:  Tom & Jim's Awesome Real Estate Adventure. 


The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Palmetto, Florida (CRA) is a dependent special district of the City. Its public purpose is the reduction and/or elimination of slum and blight within its area.

The CRA does this through its various incentive programs such as: 

  • Tax Increment Reimbursement Incentives
  • Commercial Façade Improvement Program
  • Residential Rehabilitation Program
  • Heavy Commercial/Industrial Redevelopment Incentives
  • Downtown Commercial Core Redevelopment Incentives
  • General Commercial Redevelopment Incentives

We also support important initiatives that helps our community thrive such as the Palmetto Bay Oyster Restoration Project

Additionally, the CRA is committed to work with citizens and businesses to revitalize the city of Palmetto. We also partner with organizations to bring festivals and events to Palmetto residents.

CRA Plan

The CRA is restricted to using its funds only toward items that appear in the current CRA Plan. This plan is updated about every five years.

Sunset Date

The CRA is planned to sunset in 2042.