Tamara Cornwell

  1. Commissioner At Large



Manatee County, raised in Palmetto and Bradenton, 5th generation Manatee County


Doctorate in Educational Learning

Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership

Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction


Secondary School Administrator

City Commission:

Twenty years


Married with four children


Manatee County Fair Board, Palmetto Historical Commission


Looking forward to the Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) going online to provide water to one of the largest, per square foot, city reuse systems in operation in Florida. We are proud of the work of the staff and commission to have taken a negative, paying fines for having to release reuse water into the bay, and switching to a positive, pumping the water into the ASR for future use. What an amazing accomplishment and one that took many years of planning and fortitude.

Near Future:

Working on the Seahorse building to enhance our waterfront experiences and developing strong systems for future planning opportunities.


Making decisions with my fellow commissioners to restore older buildings in hopes of maintaining our historic presence, yet providing the housing, entertainment, education and safety needed to entice future citizens into choosing Palmetto as their home.