The City of Palmetto is the owner and operator of two cemeteries.

The Old Palmetto Cemetery is a historic cemetery, also known as the Yellow Fever Cemetery. There will be no new burials in this cemetery.

The Palmetto Cemetery, also known as the New Cemetery, is an active cemetery. While all the spaces are currently owned, there are still burials and interments occurring, as needed. Occasionally, we have families who sell their spaces back to the City of Palmetto. At that time, we will sell those spaces to interested individuals at the same cost.

For more information, please see the below attachment. If you have further questions, please call 941-723-4570.

Old Cemetery (Yellow Fever)

510 14th Ave West (5th Street W. and 14th Avenue West)

Old Palmetto Cemetery

New Cemetery (Palmetto Cemetery)

900 14th Ave West (14th Ave W. between 8th and 10th Streets.)

New Cemetery