Ride Along Program

Who Can Ride?

  • Manatee County Residents or Business Owners
  • Family Members of Officers
  • Emergency Professionals (i.e., Fire Department, EMS, other L.E.O.’S)
  • Palmetto Police Employees and Applicants
  • Palmetto Police Officer Referrals
  • L.E.O. Students

How Often Can Someone Ride?

  • Manatee County Residents                                                     3 times per year
  • Family Members of Officers                                                    2 times per year
  • Emergency Professionals                                                       2 times per year
  • Palmetto Police Employees                                                    2 times per year
  • Current Applicants for Police Officer position.                     2 times per year
  • Persons referred by current PPD officers                             3 times per year
  • L.E.O. Students                                                                        2 times during their school enrollment they also must be halfway through their training.

For more information on requirements and the process for participating in our Ride Along program, download the form below. 

Downloadable and fillable Ride Along form