Development Services


The City of Palmetto Development Services Department is responsible for the coordination and direction of all services associated with development and construction, through the implementation of the City of Palmetto Comprehensive Plan and enforcement of the City of Palmetto Code of Ordinances. The following inter departments provide planning and enforcement services necessary to provide appropriate infrastructure for current and future developments and to regulate City Ordinances:

  1. The Building Department protects the quality of life in the City of Palmetto by enforcing building and City Ordinances, floodplain regulations, issuing building permits, inspecting structures under construction, and reviewing proposals for future development.
  2. The Planning and Zoning Department guides the City’s current and future physical growth through the establishment of a long-term vision through the Comprehensive Plan, and through the implementation and on-going enforcement of its existing City Ordinance regulations.
  3. Code Enforcement Department the mission of Code enforcement is to enforce the City codes, to promote, protect and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and visitors of the City of Palmetto.